Clarissa woke up to the light streaming harshly through the cracks in the blinds. She lay silent in bed waiting for the normal sounds of cars to race past her window, she glanced towards her blinds noticing how neat and straight they looked, unlike every other time when they had been dusty and uncleaned. She couldn’t even remember how she got to bed, where did she end up last night. She started to stretch and let out a groan, she felt as though someone had repeatedly hit her over the head.

“Why is it so light in here” Clarissa pushed her legs out the covers and planted her bare feet firmly down, except where her comfy carpet used to be, it was no replaced by cold, hard stone. She looked around and was stunned by her room; where there had once been colourful walls everything was white, her mirrors removed, all the items which screamed at the world that this was her room, her possessions, her space had gone. “No wonder it’s so bright everything is white” she noticed all her bedding had been changed to a sharp white, even her nightgown had been changed to a vivid white. Clarissa bared the cold floor and ran to her door

Clarissa tried the door handle and it wouldn’t move, she was trapped like a prisoner, she ran to the window, it was bolted. She felt her heart drop. Where was her parents, how could they let this happen to her? She banged the door, screaming until her voice became hoarse, hours seemed to have passed, she felt useless. She tried to peak under her door into the hallway but everything seemed black and bleak. Until she heard someone’s weight creaking under the stairs…

‘Mom! Mom! Dad! Help, please, I can’t get out!’ she pleaded with the darkness, the footsteps stopped, she could hear something breathing out there in the darkness, her heartbeat slowed down, the steps started again, Clarissa could feel the steps getting closer, she could see the outline off feet emerging, her senses were ringing, a slight hissing sound filled the silence as the steps grew closer towards her door, she scurried back towards the bed, her head spinning, with no were to escape. Clarissa pulled herself onto her bed as the door handle began to turn and door creaked as it began to open.

She cowered down behind her bed, as her door opened, the light spilled into the hallway, as shadow emerged in the door way blocking Clarissa’s only exit, she couldn’t make out who the figure was, she deduced that it wasn’t either of her parents; but she couldn’t think of them now, she had to escape and hope everything was a bad dream. Nothing made sense, Clarissa couldn’t remember anything that had happened yesterday, this place looked like her room but it didn’t feel like her room. Everything had gone to shit and she didn’t know why. The figure stood in her room now and she could make out the intruder now.

The figure was tall, towering tall; he stood like a shadow in the door way. He was wearing all black, like a business suit, his face was misshaped and his eyes were empty; where the whites of his eyes should have been, there was just hollow blackness, his mouth wasn’t there, it had been sown shut. His eyes pierced through into Clarissa’s skull as though he knew all her secrets.

He continued to stare at her, not moving, not making a sound. Clarissa could hear her heartbeat filling the empty silence in the room. The figure didn’t move towards her, she tried to control her breathing but found she struggled more, the silence wrapped itself around her like a blanket. Then, suddenly, the figure paced towards her. Quickly she swirled around to look for an object to defend herself with, but there was nothing in reachable distance. Clarissa stood within an arm’s length of the figure, she couldn’t move. Her limbs had frozen and her mind went blank, but the figure stood still. He stared at her, analysing every inch of her body, his dark hair was scrapped back into a low pony tail. Clarissa waited for the attack, for him to pounce on her like predator but he never did, he merely observed her from a distance.

An eternity seemed to pass, with him just staring at her, giving her a look of utter disappointment. Until he moved to the side, as if allowing her past, she stared at him unsure if it was a cruel trick, she longed for the door way, to break out and find her parents but she didn’t want to piss him off by running away. He motioned for her to go, she hesitantly took one tiny step towards the door. She continued walking until she reached the doorway, when she looked back her room was empty. Any trace of the mysterious figure had disappeared.

Clarissa stepped into the hallway of her home, except unlike her home, the inviting yellow walls had been replaced with the same clinical white as her room. The comfortable carpet was the same hard stone as her room. Hurriedly, she opened the door to her parent’s room, it was empty, there was no trace of her parents, and like hers, the room had been stripped and made entirely white. Clarissa backed away to the top of the stairs, trying to get a glimpse of the unknown. For once she ventured down those stairs, she could not turn back on whatever was waiting for her.

Darkness consumed the stairs and any hope Clarissa had of seeing her front room, the house fell to a similar silence, as only the sound of Clarissa’s heart beat could be heard. She reached the bottom of the stairs and stumbled into the living room, feeling the walls for the light switch. A cold draft flowed throughout the house, making the hairs on the nape of Clarissa’s neck stand, day had slowly turned into night, as Clarissa pondered how long she had been trapped in her own home. The distant sound of thunder rolled in and lightening was cast in the dark sky casting shadows around Clarissa. She ran to the other end of the living room desperate to find a source of light, when her hand stroked against something wet and warm. She skidded to a halt and spun on her heels, and sobs filled her chest, the air escaping from her lungs, her mother was heaped on the floor, blood splattered up the wall, Clarissa didn’t know what to do, she fell to her mother’s side, sobs breaking free; filling the silence.

Only guided by the dim lightening, Clarissa could see a figure emerging from the kitchen, a growl ripped through her chest, her mother was dead, her father too, probably, she had been abandoned in this crazy house, she just wanted to go home, she had to run, she needed answers and she wasn’t going to get them here, covered in the blood of her mother, she left the house, and ran into the street guided by the street lights and the moonlight. She could feel shadows growing around her, feeding off the darkness, but she continued to run, her feet hammering the pavement.

When a lady not much older than her mother, appeared in front her and grabbed her by the hands, pressed a button on her watch and whispered “close your eyes”. She pulled Clarissa close and grabbed on to her denim shirt as she felt the floors slip away from under her feet. The street they were just standing on turned into a void of swirl then into a blur of lights and colours, momentarily dangling in mid-air Clarissa felt sick, unbalanced and lost, her eyelids felt heavy and her focus began to stray. Her grip on the lady loosened but she was propped up; until she fell, against the heavy floor. The smell of mould and dust invading Clarissa’s nose, her brain rattling around and her vision blurry, mummers of panicked voices filled the dingy room. As shapes of people began to become more clear to Clarissa.

“She is here, the saviour is here” the woman screamed to the masses.

Roars of cheers and claps erupted throughout what now appeared to be a dining hall, as she realised they were clapping for her; their saviour Clarissa.


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