When I was six,

I was told I couldn’t play police officers because I was a girl.

Then I turned 10,

It was expressed that it was ok to need extra help because “you’re a girl”.

At thirteen,

My teacher told me that it was odd for a girl to enjoy Maths.

At sixteen,

I was taught to never walk by myself and to never act like I wanted attention.

I was taught to stay away from the man type of jobs,

Because they’re much too dangerous for a girl.

I was educated to fear the gendered subjects,

Because they’re far too hard for a girl.

I was socialised to not walk alone,

Because society installed fear into women, rather that educate our men.

But Now I’m eighteen,

I’ve finally realised what being a girl means.

I am strong, I am independent and I am capable of anything.

I will never be oppressed from any job I want,

I will study for anything that I need,

And I will never live in fear of walking alone.

Because I am no longer a girl,

I am a woman

and society will not dictate my views and beliefs.

My gender will never stop me from achieving anything.

My gender will help me achieve everything.

I was raised as a girl, but I am now a woman.

I am no longer insecure or living in fear.

Yet unfortunately many among us, cannot be this free,

gender inequality, the pure lack of diversity

racism, homophobia, transphobia.

The list just grows, but the solutions stay froze.

How can it be that it’s twenty-sixteen,

Yet we have a racist as the next president!

The lack of respect shown among humans,

Is sickening, disturbing, terrifying!

A small act of kindness can go a long way,

We’ve already seen a rise in pay.

Always hold out a hand

You never know who may need it

Never stop until you get the respect you demand.


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