New Black Country Fiction

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Who am ya?

By Chloe Brown

‘Who am ya?’ screamed Kyle at the top of his lungs.

‘Wolves ay we,’ the group chanted back to him. A wave of orange-topped fans, mostly young men, flooded off the coach, just back from an away match against Leeds United. It wasn’t a bad game, but it wasn’t a good game either. When the final whistle blew it was 0-0; not what the Wolves needed. People spilled off the coach and into the street, a sea of orange slowly dispersing.

Kyle felt a surge of pride. It was his first away game and even though the result wasn’t what anyone wanted, he’d made sure he got a few good punches in with this fat fella who thought he was something. His shitty white top soon turned red. Kyle’s fist balled around the Leeds badge; hearing the material rip had made his hairs stand…

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