Clarissa woke up to the light streaming harshly through the cracks in the blinds. She lay silent in bed waiting for the normal sounds of cars to race past her window, she glanced towards her blinds noticing how neat and straight they looked, unlike every other time when they had been dusty and uncleaned. She … More Saviour


When I was six, I was told I couldn’t play police officers because I was a girl. Then I turned 10, It was expressed that it was ok to need extra help because “you’re a girl”. At thirteen, My teacher told me that it was odd for a girl to enjoy Maths. At sixteen, I … More G-I-R-L

Mid-Term Break

  Based on the poem Mid-Term Break by Seamus Heaney.   I remember the day it happened, the look the matron gave me, a woman I once believed was made of ice, now looking at me all teary eyed, like I was a lamb being sent to slaughter. It was nine o’ clock in the … More Mid-Term Break